woman getting microneedling treatment at RedLands Body Sculpting with Dr. Aya in California

DP4 Microneedling Pen

Why Choose DP4 Microneedling Pen?

If you have been chasing fine lines and wrinkles, are on a hunt for a true solution for acne or surgical scars, or simply looking to improve your skin’s texture, tone, and color, the pursuit stops here!

Microneedling Benefits for Skin Rejuvenation

Clear Skin

DP4 Microneedling Pen treats age spots, acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines, under-eye discoloration, enlarged pores.

Face & Body Coverage

It can be used on the face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and neck—the areas that often reveal the most tell-tale signs of aging and sun damage.

Skin Tightening

Treats fine lines and wrinkles, and improves the appearance of dull, “tired-looking” skin.

How is DP4 Microneeding Pen Different?

DP4 generates millions of fine, vertical micro-channels over 100 percent faster than comparable devices. This means shorter treatment times and speedier results. FDA cleared for treatment of facial acne scars, it’s the only device on the market with a dedicated Scar Treatment setting, as well as multiple state of the art innovations that ensure safety, comfort and precision during each treatment.

woman getting microneedling treatment at RedLands Body Sculpting with Dr. Aya in California

We use platelet lysate, advanced PRP

PRP on the tube at RedLands Body Sculpting with Dr. Aya

What is platelet lysate?

Platelet lysate is a natural product prepared from your blood. It is created by taking platelet-rich plasma, the liquid portion of the blood that contains a high concentration of platelets, and subjecting it to a process known as “lysis,” which breaks open the platelets to release their contents. This process results in a solution rich in growth factors, cytokines, and other bioactive molecules. These properties make it a valuable tool in various applications, including regenerative medicine.

How is platelet lysate prepared?

First, PRF is produced when a small amount of blood is drawn and placed into a sterile, disposable container and then spun to separate the platelets and fibrin from other components. Then, the PRF was further spun to expel growth factors into the liquid. We use FDA cleared, Aeon CPKit PRP/PRF/lysate tubes at Redlands Body Sculpting.

Is platelet lysate safe?

Platelet-rich plasma is safe because it comes from your own blood; therefore there is minimal risk for allergic or immune reaction. A trained medical professional must conduct platelet-rich plasma preparation. Consult your physician for more information.

FAQs on Microneedling Recovery

How many treatments to see results?

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What does microneedling feel like?

Many patients report that the feeling of the DP4 microneedling pen on their skin is like that of sandpaper being moved across the skin. While some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others, the speed of the reciprocating tip makes the treatment more comfortable. We also apply topical numbing medication prior to the procedure for patients’ comfort. Because most micro-needling sessions only take about 10 minutes, any discomfort is temporary and is felt only during the procedure itself.

How long does it take to heal after microneedling?

The total healing time depends on the pen position used and the number of overlapping passes. On average, patients experience redness for two to four days. Some patients heal completely within 24 hours. Most patients report noticing a redness to the skin following the medical spa procedure.

What Skin Issues Can Be Treated With Microneedling?

Microneedling is a versatile solution for various skin imperfections. It effectively treats acne scars, diminishes wrinkles, and enhances overall skin texture. Whether you’re dealing with uneven skin tone or the aftermath of acne, microneedling at Redlands Body Sculpting can help you achieve smoother, more youthful-looking skin.


How Soon Can I See Results From Microneedling, and How Long Do They Last?

Results from microneedling are noticeable within a few weeks, with optimal improvements seen over time. The effectiveness varies based on individual factors, but many clients enjoy long-term outcomes. Consistent microneedling sessions at Redlands Body Sculpting can provide sustained improvements in skin texture and appearance.


Can Microneedling Be Combined With Other Skincare Treatments?

Absolutely. At Redlands Body Sculpting, we believe in a holistic approach to skincare. Microneedling can be seamlessly combined with other treatments, enhancing overall results. This synergy allows us to tailor a comprehensive plan that addresses your unique skin needs.


Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Microneedling Treatment?

Microneedling is suitable for different skin types. Ideal candidates include those seeking to improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles, or uneven skin texture. Our expert team at Redlands Body Sculpting can assess your suitability during a consultation.


What Kind of Aftercare Is Required Following Microneedling?

Aftercare is crucial for optimal results. Following microneedling, we provide detailed instructions for post-treatment skincare and recovery tips. This ensures a smooth healing process and enhances the benefits of the procedure.


What Makes Microneedling Different From Other Skin Rejuvenation Techniques?

Microneedling stands out for its unique benefits. Unlike some other treatments, it stimulates collagen production naturally, promoting skin renewal. At Redlands Body Sculpting, we prioritize the personalized and transformative effects microneedling can offer, providing a distinct approach to skin rejuvenation.

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