Physician supervised medical weight loss program in Redlands, CA.

We are dedicated to your success no matter where you’re at! We understand that life is challenging and that alone can make it difficult to make the right choices, especially when there are so many programs out there with promised claims.


Our program consists of:

  • Monthly in-person clinic visit with obesity medicine and internal medicine board certified physician.
  • Monthly life style coaching session with a certified coach.
  • Weekly (minimal) follow up by phone call/video visit.
  • Medication prescription if necessary.
  • Meal replacement arrangement if necessary.
  • Blood work orders if necessary.

Our program is 100% customized. Weight loss is a complex process involving multiple factors including life styles, neuroendocrine function, gastrointestinal function, genetics, and individual personality. One size-fits-all approach would not be optimal, especially for long-term result for a real health benefit.

* Minimal duration of the program participation is three months, We recommend at least 6 months of treatment to see a significant result and long-term maintenance.

A Medical Weight Loss Program You Can Rely On

At Redlands Body Sculpting, we want to see you thrive as you reach your body shape and weight goals. Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life, and you are no exception. When you choose to work with us, you will receive the expertise, compassion, and guidance of a fully-licensed medical doctor as you progress through your weight loss journey in or around Redlands, CA.


Throughout our supervised medical weight loss program, you will receive an abundance of information regarding the necessary steps to weight loss, including nutrition and medication, depending on what your unique treatment plan needs to be in order to get you the best results possible.


You don’t have to settle or live an unhealthy lifestyle—you have a professional option waiting for you right around the corner at Redlands Body Sculpting. Continue reading this page to learn more. You can also reach out to us with questions as well.

Joy: Lifestyle Coach

Joy Talking About Medical Weight Loss Program

A Program Designed For You

medical assessment at RedLands Body Sculpting with Dr. Aya in California

1) Medical Assessment

Our program starts with a comprehensive medical assessment to determine factors causing weight gain and reasons for the weight loss difficulty. Weight loss is a quite complex task, our doctor will formulate a unique program with frequent adjustments for each patient.

nutrition at RedLands Body Sculpting with Dr. Aya in California

2) Nutrition

Nutritional modification and maintenance strategies customized for each patients’ lifestyles and personalities. This can be a meal replacement program or self-prepared balanced meal with caloric deficit and a proper macronutrient balance. Patients are NOT required to purchase meal replacements although sometimes it can be the best way to kick-start the weight loss journey.

medical assessment at RedLands Body Sculpting with Dr. Aya in California

3) Medications

When lifestyle changes alone are not enough to obtain weight loss goals, prescription medication will be utilized. The risk and benefit of medication usage will be carefully assessed by a physician based on weight loss goals and medical conditions. When a medication is not covered by insurance, we will assist you to enroll patient assistant program. *The cost of medication is not included in the cost of the program.

woman on phone discussing follow up RedLands Body Sculpting with Dr. Aya in California

4) Close Follow Ups

Monthly visits with our MD in addition to weekly (at least) check-in with our life-style health coach for nutrition compliance.

woman getting weight loss treatment at RedLands Body Sculpting with Dr. Aya in California

5) Treatment Credit

If 10% of the original weight is lost at the end of 3 months, a $100 procedure credit (exclude neurotoxin injections) will be issued.


$750 for initial 3 months

(Does not include cost of medications or food replacement).

$650 for each 3 months extension.

Joy Sellarole

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